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Why advertise on TOP5JAMAICA.COM?
TOP5JAMAICA.COM is an established Jamaican portal that allows you to target the Internet audience that you seek - an online community of Jamaicans (living in Jamaica and around the world), as well as non-Jamaicans who are seeking Jamaica-related information.

Who is using and talking about TOP5JAMAICA.COM?
Just about anyone that is searching for Jamaica-related information online! Top5Jamaica was recently voted the "BEST JAMAICA SEARCH WEBSITE" for 2004 in the Jamaicans.Com Best of 2004 Survey.

How much traffic does TOP5JAMAICA.COM get?
With a combination of over 4,000 UNIQUE VISITORS PER DAY, and a site audience that is there solely for its very specific content, you are assured that your ad dollars will be well spent @ TOP5JAMAICA.COM.

Why would your banner ads do well on TOP5JAMAICA.COM?
Visitors to TOP5JAMAICA.COM are there to find links to Jamaican or Jamaica-related content. It is unlikely that you will find a higher or more targeted level of click-interest on any other Jamaican web site.

What advertising options are available?

Web Page - Regular banner - 468 X 60 pixels
Web Page - Cube banner - 120 X 60 pixels
Web Page - Square banner - 120 X 120 pixels
Web Page - Skyscraper (x-tra long banner) - 120 X 400 pixels
Other Sites- Top5Jamaica.Com's Advertisers get discounted options for advertising on other sites across our network of Caribbean websites. Please see our media kit below for more details about these websites.

How much does it cost and who do I contact?
Advertising rates start as low as US$40 per month.

Please contact us for more rate details or to discuss custom packages (always available depending on your desired reach and needs).

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